Friday, July 13, 2012

Great looking nails!

Hi ladies!

Sorry been gone for awhile and I know in blog world that is not good as I need to keep going and going everyday but been going thru some personal stuff. But now I'm single, got my mind back more clearly and ready to partay and do what I love! Speaking with all you ladies and giving my tips and advice as well as getting new tips and tricks to share with you!!

So today I am sharing how to get great lookin summer nails, and Fall, Einter and Spring. Lol

You all need to go get a Sally's beauty card and start shoppin. They have really started carrying great polish like Finger Paints, China Glaze and Setche Vite top and base coat! Setche Vite in $10 at Target and some other stores. At Sally's they have it on sale all the time. Right now it's 2/$10! I have a pro card so that's my everyday price but the last flyer had 2/$7! So it's worth getting a flyer just for great deals.

Finger Paint polish was on sale buy 2 get 1 free. But *tip- you HAVE to watch the receipt and make sure you point out the deals as I have to go back and get another polish they didn't give me the deal and I get to pick a free color. Yay!

Anyway, on to the tip. I have tried every base coat (but the Setche Vite one) but I tried this ridge filler as a base coat and let it dry. Painted my nails with a beautiful mint color and only have one coat which generally do two. But found with this ridge filler it made one coat look gorg. I added the top coat and was amazed at how smooth and pretty it looked! I got the ridge filler for $5.99 and it's a big bottle!

My daughter got a neon pink and her nails look very pretty to!

Well that's my tip today! Glad to be back and have missed all you lovelies! Xoxo make everyday a beauty day! Always wear lipgloss and mascara hugs

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