Sunday, June 10, 2012

What's in my purse makeup bag

I know I have a lot! Hahaha but you should see what I have at home.
So I have some random things. My bag is from WalmMart it's clear and sturdy and hold a lot! I have Evian facial spray , love it!! A blush brush, and a sephora eyeshadow brush. Two Max lips sticks in Lustre viva glam and hello kitty in cutester! Searched Viva Glam.

Then I have a mascara, not a big fan of but it's Loreal Telescopic in carbon black. A smokey eye quad in bone, frappe, toffee metallic and espresso from Bobbi Brown! Love her!

A 4 pack of Colgate wisps these are awesome when your teeth feel fuzzy or ya just feel like you might have funky breath! Love them and they are heel!

I bought this Degree body spray jn honeysuckle and tea tree oil. Smells so good! I get the weirdest looks from my mom and Maddi when u whip out the Evian face spray, then the degree body spray, followed by my MAC lip conditioner (also in my bag) and my EOS melon lotion. They ask me are you done taking your second shower for the day? I say nope just into smelling good and feeling soft so there! :P

On to more goodies, I carry a sight savers wipe or three for when I wear my glasses. Btw How do they get dirty and smudged when u know you haven't touched them? Biggest pet peeve.

Boscia green tea blotting liners. Love them!
A teeny Vaseline for your lips so cute had to have it and of course I have to use a wet wipe or hand sanitizer before I put my finger in there...germs manifest ladies! ;)

A Laura Mercier metallic creme eye color in platinum. Oh love this had it forever! Use alone or as a base or on the lid with a nice crease color! This color is awesomeness!! 😍

Next my pink leopard bronzing powder by Too Faced (one of my fav makeup lines and love the name cuz come one how many Too faces girls do you know?) lol it is gorgeous on! Has some pink and brown and u can use as blush or bronzer or both! It's my fav! Second fav is Nars Laguna bronzer but that's for a different time and review.

Then a Stila lip glaze in guava. (swatched it)
hmmm looks really orange but it's so not it's a very pretty pink similar to the MAC lipstick I swatched.

Next I have three files. Idk why three. One is the metal kind. I do love these they make gangly fangly nails smooth fast. And the end is pointy so u can use it as a weapon or self defense if you need it, lol no but it gets gunk from under your nails. Again use a wet wipe...before and after. Ewe
Then a ref file and one thats in a file catty. Totally cute! Think I got that one at Ulta. I love it for the pure sanitation part of it having its own case. Now did you know you can spritz your nail files with running alcohol? Mmmhmm oh yeah sista, keep those clean girl!

Final 5 I told you this holds a lot and I'll stuff it but there is still room and it's not that big of a bag but I carry a good size Michael Kors bag I Looovveee it! So it is fine.

I carry Makeup Forever mat Velvet + hmm in idk what color. That's a bummer but I'm sure they can match it at my teeny tiny Sephora inside JC Penney. Off subject here but I'm telling you how much I'm lost without my big stores like sephora, Nordstom, Macy's its awful! I'm from Seattle and moving to Calabash, NC no Whole Foods or Trader joes's man totally stab me in the heart why don't ya?? NE way it's a great foundation not a total in love product but it's great for on the go but my issue is I have to blend for too long! Lol lazy, actually no it that I don't have my own set of Sigma brushes and when I get the flat top kabuki I won't have this issue! Can't WAIT!

Next, this NYX pigment is so flippin pretty!! I was bored at the dr office the other day so while we were waiting for him to come in (since I just had surgery so this is why I have been MIA for a couple weeks sorry) I did moms's makeup. Haha so she doesn't need foundation and is way darker than me anyway (faker baker) so I used the paint pot in morning frost, and then topped it with the NyX ultra pearl pigment! It was stunning! Used the Loreal mascara, gave it to her, and the bronzer and the MAC lip color I swatched and it was very pretty!
NYX is a great line and very inexpensive. I think I got that t Ulta for about $2.75?

Last three things in my Mary Poppins bag of products! I swear I just keep pulling out more and more haha.

Four hair ties, my hair is getting very long and down here in the heat and humidity you wear your hair in messy buns always! But this juicy one I got from Sephora for like $3 I love!! So cute I wish they'd sell more they are gone now :(

Then this sephora lip nectar shine. Love it. It makes your lips look so kissable and it's not sticky but just plain color just lovely!

And finally...drum roll please...
Benefit high beam. It works ok I'm not a huge fan. Seems if you rub it in you run too much it disappears you run to little u can see a streak. I gotta try it with a synthetic makeup brush see if that does the trick!

Oops, one thing a ma jiggy was hiding from me, little stinker. It's one of my favs! The only YSL product I own sadly! I think it's a good thing because I have a sneaky feeling that I could do some serious damage with their products as well as Chanel and Dior! But anyway this is a great concealer/highlight. Now for lovely black not dark circles are hereditary and get worse when I'm not feeling well or haven't had enough sleep or stressed. Nothing covers then I have tried almost every concealer under the flippin sun! But I recently have been using Bobbi Browns concealer and it's mighty thick, and will use this on top and I'll put it highlight of my cheeks, forehead, down my nose and cupids bow. It's worth the $40 and has lasted me quite some time!

Whew that was long and winded! I'm sorry if ya fell asleep on me...maybe a good read when you wake up at night and can't fall back asleep? Lol

I will do a "what's in my purse" in the next few days, but have a couple requests (one from a dear friend) on eye shadow and what brushes to use since I won't put myself on camera or YouTube (I'm too heavy at the moment) I'm going to use my gorgois daughter as a model. So look for me here I'll post some pics but then will link the YouTube! I've never done YouTube before so this outta be a riot!

Kisses and hugs to all the beauties who took the time to read my winded blog! Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday afternoon and remember always feel pretty, because you are one of a kind and are gorgeous da-ling
Much love

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