Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sigma Paris Palette

Oh my fellow beauty addicts this is one palette you have to add to your collection!

It's the Sigma Paris Palette. Created by 7 YouTube beauty gurus and each were assigned a monument in Paris to be their inspiration for designing a color!

I have to say they are gorgeous! Every single one is unique and full of color and very pigmented! They did an amazing job.

I am now a Sigma affiliate and am proud to back this company up! They are wonderful to order from, fast shipping, curtious and prompt customer service and high quality products for any and every budget!

I have ordered the Miss Bunny set for my daughter last Christmas and she loves them! They never shed, are soft but pick up color with ease. Easy to clean and beautifully made so they look great sitting on your bathroom counter.

Back to the palette. I'll post pics of it. It comes in a very pretty sleeve, all French looking and the case of they palette is so pretty as well. Inside is a nice large mirror, eight eye shadows, two great makeup brushes, 2 blushes and a gorgeous highlight shade for your upper cheeks.

Trust me ladies you won't be disappointed and it's limited edition so you might wanna buy two. I know I'm going to get another one since I have a little makeup thief in my house ;)

Click on my Sigma banner here on the blog and it'll take you right to their site. Comment below if you are already a fan of sigma and or are purchasing!

Have a beauty-ful, makeup filled day dolls!



  1. Congrats!!! :D The brushes are really cute too. :)

    1. Thanks, you should seriously try them! The Miss Bunny and Mr.Bunny (black) are vegan and super soft! You'll love them. Or just get a brush at a time. The F80 is amazing for powder fountation and or liquid foundations.

      If you have any questions you know where to find me. But the palette is such a good deal and if you use code TiffanyD at checkout you get 10% off which saved me shipping and still 3 dollars lol