Sunday, February 3, 2013

Flops n' Fizzles

Gooood lazy Superbowl Sunday my glamour gals! I am boycotting the Superbowl game today since I'm not a fan of either team and feel my team (Seahawks) got totally ripped OFF! We had that game...but I digress from my anger. Besides I don't have any friends here so didn't her invited to any Super Bowl parties anyway. Lol

So instead I decided to do a blog of my epic failures I recently tried and they fizzled big time!

I am a cosmetologist and even tho I haven't worked in a salon for years I was always taught that taking good care of your scalp and taking vitamin supps and proper nutrition are the ways to get healthy hair!! What a concept since I guess most people don't realized that once the hair is out from under your's dead! Soooo you can't "fix hair" with all these products! You can however make it look healthier with products and shine serums etc but these commercials lately are killing me.

L'Oreal trying to sell a "aging shampoo line" about floored me! Really? Aging?? OMG what will they think of next?

Like that the "Clear" hairline also made my jaw drop! "All these years we've been working at the wrong end of the hair" really? Another palm to forehead moment!

But I was at the store and had to buy something inexpensive to get us thru until payday. I had a great coupon and the store was advertising the "Clear" line so it was pretty inexpensive so I thought I'd give it a whirl...."Big mistake...Huge" (little Pretty woman quote inserted there since it was a HUGE mistake!

I used the product for about 5 days and the smell was awful but what's worse is I started breaking out in these little water blisters on my scalp and they itched. So I'd scratch the dumb thing would pop and then holy scab Batman! My scalp was breaking out in scabs all over and they hurt!!! Water touching my scalp burned! I was soooo mad! I couldn't wash my hair for about a week and that just isn't ok!

I am taking that crap back and also writing the company. I've never had such a awful reaction! So here's your buyers beware...don't waste your money or scalp on this! It's dreadful! That's failure nĂºmero uno today!

My second flop & failure is the Cetaphil derm control foaming face wash and matching lotion.

After years of wanting to see a dermatologist but had no insurance I finally got ins and had a appointment! I was stoked!!

She said that my Shiseido face wash and daily lotion was a great routine. (BTW I bought them at TJ Maxx for 60% off retail a total score) but I was still breaking out. So she recommended the Cetaphil derm line and told me to come back in 6 weeks!

The medical assistant handed me $5 of coupons so I said heck yeah I'm ready for a total skin transformation since I have been fighting adult acne since my 2nd child was born 14 yrs ago! Don't do it!

Another issue with my skin went thru a huge break out! I was I pain, they burned and throbbed and I seriously looked like someone poured acid on my face!!

If you use them great if it works for you but I you have not tried them and have even semi sensitive skin STAY AWAY!

She will defiantly get an earful in a couple weeks when I come back for my follow up!

Since I went back to my Clarisonic (amaze balls product) and my Shiseido and I'm all clear! Except now I have scaring...oh joy! But no way will you see me ordering the Proactive dark spot crap you see advertised every 5 minutes!! Proactive SUCKS!! And it stinks! Smells like a perm and that can't be good!

There's my rant for the day on that! If you have any questions or comments or would like to see any makeup tips or tricks or just say "Hi" feel free! I can't wait until I start reaching more people and actually get replies and views! Haha

Enjoy your day! I hope it's blessed and your team wins and it's a great game!

Luv n' hugs


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